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BevSpot Named #5 Best Place to Work in Boston

By BevSpot

At BevSpot, we believe the growth of our team is just as important as the growth of our product. A thriving company culture and transparent leadership team is the key to our success, and last week, we learned that we’ve been doing something right.

We’re honored to announce that BevSpot was named the fifth best company to work for in Boston by the Boston Business Journal, under the small company category (50–99 employees in MA). And we could not be more excited about this achievement.

2016 Best Places To Work

Winners for the Best Places to Work Awards are decided based on the results of an anonymous Quantum Workplace survey administered to all employees. With questions about work-life balance, culture, benefits and leadership, we came out on top (well, fifth from the top, to be exact). The rankings were announced last Thursday at an awards ceremony at Boston’s Symphony Hall. Being that this was the first year we qualified for the running, we couldn’t be happier with these results.

BevSpot CEO Rory Crawford. Photo Credit: Boston Business Journal
BevSpot CEO Rory Crawford. Photo Credit: Boston Business Journal

Our employees love the cold brew coffee on tap, the rotating craft beer kegerator, bi-weekly happy hours, catered Friday lunches and unlimited paid vacation time. Seeing such extreme growth over the past year, we’ve successfully maintained focus on what matters most—our team—and we’ve even managed to keep some of our early-day traditions alive (as homage to the small bell our sales team of two rang when demos were booked, we now bang a traditional gong every time we acquire a new customer. Sometimes, it wakes you up more than the cold brew!)

But what matters most is that we’re all in this together, working toward the common goal of changing the way the entire hospitality industry operates, an energy that is palpable in the office on a daily basis. We want to make sure it’s a fun ride for everyone involved, and being as young as we are, there’s nowhere to go but onwards and upwards.

P.S. We’re hiring!

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