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Introducing: Craft Cocktail Book Series

By Brie Shelley

Thirsty for creative craft cocktail ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve worked with some incredible bartenders to bring you the first volume of our Craft Cocktail Series. Each edition will be jam-packed with hand-crafted drinks, made with unique ingredients and interesting spirits.

We named the first installment of this series First Batch because it includes 16 recipes from three of BevSpot’s early adopters. These bartenders were some of our first customers, and they continue to impress us with their creativity and mixology expertise.


Dig into our new cocktail book to find drinks made with flaming lime peels, earthy and bold flavors, lemongrass-infused genever, egg whites, and a number of other eye-opening components.  

A craft cocktail list is an essential part of your business. Collect each volume of our Craft Cocktail Series to help you create a knock-out selection of drinks that offers new flavors, varying presentation styles, and outside-the-box ingredients.  

Each book in this series will be available in both a digital and printable format. This way, you can print your book and keep it at your bar or you can easily access it via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Keep an eye out for the next volume, and collect them all to create the ultimate cocktail recipe book! If you want to see these bartenders in action, check out our Crafting Cocktails videos


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