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A Year of Data: Beverage Sales By Season (2015–16)

By Stephen Ngo

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Spring, summer, fall, winter. Which beverage categories rule the seasons?

We recently analyzed 12 months of beverage orders placed by our customers. Our product team took a look at beer, wine, and spirit sales and how they fluctuate throughout the year. Which category is the most popular in summer? What about winter? See the results below.

(For an updated look at these trends, check out our 2017 edition.)

our 2017 edition

This graph represents the differences—in both quantity and variation—of spirit, wine, and beer sales. By looking at the data, we see an insight into what the industry sells throughout the year. This should give you an idea of how to stock your bar for the seasons.

Let's dive further into the details, below.


The data tells us that wine sales hit an all-time high during the winter months. Demand then takes a dive during spring and early summer, only to rise back up during the end of summer and early fall. Wine sales lower to 27% of all beverage sales in August and hit a high of 37% in November. 

When it comes to spirits, we see less seasonal variation in sales (the spirit category is flexible and popular in cocktails year-round), but the numbers appear to move in an opposite swing to wine sales. Spirits take a dive to 49% of all beverage sales in November, and peak at 54% in January, which is the highest portion of sales over all three categories.

As for beer, demand peaks during late summer but takes a hit during the winter holidays (which isn’t surprising, but with the surging trend in stouts and porters we thought beer popularity might carry through!). Beer hits a low of 13% of all beverage sales in December and peaks at 19% in August.

This data is a good representation of industry-wide sales trends, and it should give you an idea of how to stock your bar throughout the year. But do keep in mind that a large portion of our customers are from the New England region. However, as BevSpot continues to grow nationally, we get a better look at how bars are making money across the country.

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