Top Selling Spirit Brands in Q4 2015

By Cara McGrath

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Have you ever wondered which spirits drive the most sales?

We have, too. So, we took a look at all of the orders that went through our system in Q4 of 2015. We gathered BevSpot data from a representative cross section of accounts to uncover the 51 spirit brands that performed best.

The results are pretty interesting: take a look at the graphs to see where your company’s product—or your favorite brand—performed.

Top Selling Spirits Brands — The Results

Top ten most ordered spirits

Our numbers revealed that the top ten most ordered spirits through BevSpot made up roughly one third of the orders, while the following 41 spirits made up about another third, and the remaining spirits the final third, approximately.

A closer breakdown of our data reveals each of the top performing spirits

A closer breakdown of our data reveals each of the top performing spirits. Grey Goose came in as the leader at 4.9% of orders, followed by Jameson, Ketel One and Tito’s tied at 4.2%.

Surprised at any of the results? Think our accounts are overlooking a key brand? Leave a comment to let us know, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of our data-driven posts.

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