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What’s it like to work at BevSpot in terms of your culture?

Working at BevSpot means combining two incredibly important and fun aspects of our culture: technology and the hospitality industry. Our day-to-day office environment is very reflective of those two elements in that we’re a fast-paced technology company with world-class engineering and development talent, but we’re also very focused on being familiar with the restaurant, bar, and hospitality industry as a whole.

We have a bar in our office where everyone takes inventory using our product to connect with our users, and we also use the bar for tastings and other social events (including visits from Buffalo Trace and Wachusett Brewery).

We work extremely hard in a fun and exciting environment, so people don’t tend to rush out of here at 5 p.m. on a Friday. Instead, they want to crack open a nice beer (usually from Trillium, down the street), and hang out for a bit. You may even see a few people jammin out with a couple guitars and drum boxes at 2 a.m...

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