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BevSpot Is Helping Bars and Restaurants Take Control of Their Inventory

By BevSpot

We connected with Lauren Landry, contributor for Boston Magazine's online content. Lauren interviewed our CEO and Co-founder, Rory Crawford on the story behind BevSpot's launch, the journey since, and what's in store for the future:

'One of the core components of our business was to build a world-class technology business, not just an alcohol company,' Crawford explains. 'Restaurants and bars are very complicated, hard-to-run businesses. It’s a competitive industry…with no visibility as to who’s coming in tomorrow...'
BevSpot has 150 accounts on its roster now—125 of which are local, including No. 9 ParkLincolnCatalyst, and Loco. Each pays a monthly fee, starting at $149 per month, for access to the BevSpot software. There is no setup fee, and the subscription can be canceled at any time. 'We stand on the product,' Crawford says. 'If it doesn’t change your life for the good, you don’t owe us anything.' [...]"

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