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Bar-focused software startup BevSpot knocks back $5.25 million in funding

By BevSpot

We connected again with Scott Kirsner of BetaBoston and the Boston Globe to discuss our recent Series A funding round of $5.25 million lead by Bain Capital Ventures, and our progress since we spoke 10 months ago:

Talk about seizing an opportunity: when Rory Crawford was a graduate student at Harvard Business School last spring, he set up a 30-minute videoconference with one of the school’s entrepreneurs-in-residence, Ajay Agarwal. Crawford wanted to discuss a startup idea with Agarwal, an investor at Boston-based Bain Capital Ventures who splits his time between Massachusetts and California.
Agarwal remembers a 'smart, aggressive, scrappy entrepreneur trying to bring cloud software to a massive but sleepy old-school industry.' [...]"

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