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Take faster, collaborative inventory of your entire bar
Fast input

Take inventory of your bar, across every Storage Area in half the time with our visual Bottle Slider.

Count offline

Whether you’re behind the bar or in the storage room, Offline Mode lets you keep counting your bottles, kegs, and cases in places without an internet connection.

Compatible with scales

Prefer to weigh your bottles and kegs? BevSpot’s interactive Inventory Calculator does the math for you.

Take faster, collaborative inventory of your entire bar
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“I love that you can customize the way inventory is made because I have a routine that I do. I can go from bottle to bottle and know what’s coming next, so I can do it quickly.”

Mary Cho, Co-Owner
Dak & Bop
Purchasing & Invoice Management

Streamline your purchasing and record-keeping

Purchasing & Invoice Management
Order online

Send your orders directly to each beverage vendor without picking up the phone or drafting emails.

Record invoices

Ditch the filing cabinet—upload and catalog your invoices by simply taking a photo.

Access anywhere

Digitize your beverage orders, invoices, and delivery receipts in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.

Purchasing & Invoice Management
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“One thing BevSpot’s done has certainly taught me is you don’t need to over-order to make sure you have everything. And it’s worked. We’re not 86’ing products. It’s just not happening.”

Will Falaro, Bar Manager
Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar
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BevSpot’s Excess Inventory Reports identify products sitting on the shelf, empowering you make smarter purchasing decisions that save you money.

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Build and cost each drink recipe directly in BevSpot to find ways to reduce pour costs across your entire menu.

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Calculate your bar’s costs, sales, profit, and pour costs across each of your beverage categories.

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“Every month since implementing BevSpot, we’ve gone down in beverage costs and been better or matched our goals in doing so. That can be definitely attributed to BevSpot.”

Ryan Vermillion, Assistant Food & Beverage Manager
Marriott at University of Dayton, Concord Hospitality
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Enterprise Dashboard

Managing multiple bars? The Enterprise Dashboard streamlines your efforts.

Quick switch between accounts with one username, perfect for beverage directors managing multiple locations.

Compare performance across your locations, including sitting inventory, ordering, usage, and sales.

Control employee-level permissions for your entire bar staff, across each location, and across the entire group.

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Built for teams of all sizes

From country clubs, to hotels, to restaurant groups, BevSpot is ideal for multi-location hospitality establishments. Learn how the best in the business manage it all with BevSpot.

Your success is our job

Whether it’s onboarding, training, or answering your support questions, our customer success team works to actively improve your business’ bottom line.

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