To cost a cocktail you need to figure out the cost of the amount of each ingredient used in the cocktail and then add all these costs together to get the total cocktail cost.

Costing a Cocktail (Step-by-Step) Cocktail

  1. List the ingredients in the cocktail
  2. For each of these ingredients, note the package (unit) size and package (unit) price 
  3. Calculate the price of the amount of spirits used (e.g., if the recipe calls for 2 ounces of Smirnoff Vodka [1.75 liter bottle bought at $21.99/bottle] the cost of vodka would be $0.74)
  4. Calculate the price of the amount of other ingredients in the drink the same way
  5. Add the cost of spirits and the cost of other ingredients to get the total cocktail cost

Cocktail Pricing

With a cocktail cost of $2.65 and a target pour cost of 20%, take the calculated costs of $2.65 and divide by 0.20 (the target pour cost) to get baseline price of $13.25 for a Manhattan in this case.