Earlier this month, we noted the lack of any clear seasonal trends in liquor orders among BevSpot bars and restaurants. But spirits are a diverse beverage product category, and a lack of seasonal changes in total orders might obscure seasonal trends in spirit sales within the category.

To investigate this, we looked at a year’s worth of data to see how whiskey, vodka, tequila, liqueur, rum, and gin orders vary by season. Here’s what we found:

Here are the results of what we found when looking at the data. For more detailed analysis of each spirit category, read on below.

Whiskey clearly sells better in the cold, with its share of spirit orders rising above 30% in the six months from October 2016 to April 2017. Whiskey orders saw a twelve-month low in July 2016, with under 23% of total spirit orders in that month.

While vodka saw its order share peak in August of 2016, it also experienced an uptick in orders in the winter months of December and January. This suggests more consistent orders for the spirit over the course of the year. (In contrast with whiskey, for which consumers’ seasonal preferences are clear.)

Tequila & mezcal, however, are clear summer spirits. While it saw twelve-month high in orders in July 2016 (at 19% of liquor orders), it has seen its share tick back up to over 18% this summer. This is a large contrast from its 13% low in December.

Both rum and gin are summer drinks. Both saw their twelve-month highest share of orders in July of 2016 and stagnated in the winter (rum bottomed out in December, while gin did so in November). And both have seen sales recover as the seasons have warmed.

Using both your business’ and industry data can give you a leg up when making beverage purchasing decisions for your bar or restaurant. But industry trends can vary not just by season, but by restaurant concept, city and even by state. Check out how BevSpot can help with all your management needs.

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