The life of a bartender doesn’t always lend itself to flexibility. Traveling to expensive conferences, taking time off to learn new skills and techniqueseven getting a full night’s sleep doesn’t always fit into your schedule. For this exact reason, Julia Tunstall created A Bar Above, setting out to fill a serious void in the industry for real accessible craft knowledge.

On April 17th, A Bar Above takes its resource site to the next level with the first ever online Craft Bartender Summit.  No matter where you are or what shift you’re working, you’ll have access to industry tips and insights from real live experts. Can’t make it that day? Simply download it later.

Among these experts will be BevSpot Co-founder and CEO, Rory Crawford.  We’re extremely excited to be sponsoring a seminar during this one-of-a-kind event, and Rory can’t wait to teach you how to overcome the biggest challenges your business faces by applying the right data.

We also want you to be extra prepared as the summit approaches. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to register for the Craft Bartender Summit through BevSpot, and receive access to our entire library of resources. Think of it as the ultimate study guide.

So get comfy, study up, and we’ll see you on April 17th.

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