Dear Santa (or anyone who knows me that is reading this),

The day has finally arrived. Ever since my recent visit to Boston Harbor Distillery when I previewed the Sam Adams collaboration of spirits, I’ve been waiting for the day that these unique “whiskies” hit the shelves. And now, to quote BHD Master Distiller John Couchot, the “what the hell is it?” of spirits have arrived…

Boston Harbor Distillery Founder and CEO Rhonda Kallman discovered her ground as a co-founder of Boston Beer Company in 1984, brewer of Sam Adams. So it’s no surprise that a collaboration between her latest venture, BHD and Sam Adams has been in the works. But exactly what that collaboration looks like has been a mystery to many, even those behind it: “It’s not whiskey because it’s flavored, but it’s not a flavored whiskey…we don’t even know what to call it,” says Couchot of the holiday spirits that have been distilled from three Sam Adams craft brews. Hence the name “whiskies” in quotation marks.

To Kallman, the collaboration symbolizes a “true Bostonian handshake.”

But defining them does not change what they areincredibly unique and special holiday spirits that will please craft beer lovers and whiskey lovers alike. And hitting the shelves in a holiday three-pack of 375 ml bottles for $120 makes it a fun and easy gift for just about anyone.


New World Belgian Tripel

Tasting this some months back, I was in awe of that smooth American-oak aged whiskey flavor seamlessly blended with wheaty Belgian notes. I can still taste that savory, hoppy finish.

Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout

“New England Christmas in a bottle,” as described by Couchot. The sweet notes of gingerbread and vanilla combine to form the perfect taste notes of holiday spirit in what the BHD team considers to be among the best and most complex spirits they’ve made to date.


Boston Harbor Distillery’s Master Distiller, John Couchot, tasting the Merry Maker Spirit from the barrel.

13th Hour Stout

The only one of the three that I’ve yet to taste, I can only imagine the richness of this stout-based spirit with an espresso finish. Described by the BHD team as a spirit that “certainly satisfies a whiskey drinker’s cravings for something unique but familiar.”

The limited edition gift-set is available for purchase at BHD as well as select liquor stores throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.