B’s Knees

  • 1 slice cucumber
  • 2 leaves basil
  • 12 oz honey
  • 12 oz lemon juice
  • 34 oz St. George Spiced Pear
  • 1 12 oz Ford’s Gin
  1. Muddle.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Shake.
  4. Fine strain into glass.
  5. Add fried basil garnish.

About the Drink

I wanted to take a classic and bump it up a little bit when I created the B’s Knees. With the same base as the classic Bee’s Knees, (lemon, honey & gin) I added fresh some fresh components, basil and cucumber, as well as the spiced pear liqueur to really have the flavor of the cocktail pop. I changed the spelling of the name in memory of a great man and friend we lost way too soon, Chef B. Feel like he’d enjoy one of these after a long night in the kitchen.