We’re happy to announce that eleven of our customers have won “Best of Boston” awards for 2015!

We love the food and drink at each of these places, and know you will too. So to celebrate their awards and spread the love, this month the person who sends the most referrals our way will get $300 to enjoy some of Boston’s finest food and drink at the restaurant of their choice!

Our Customers Deemed “Best in Boston”

Coppa Best Restaurant, General Excellence 2015
The Gallows 
Best Fries 2015
La Brasa
 — Best Service 2015
Best Korean Restaurant 2015
Best Al Fresco Restaurant 2015
Sarma Best Mediterranean Restaurant 2015
Best Ramen 2015
State Park
(Rachel Sundet) Best Pastry Chef 2015
Sweet Cheeks Best Barbecue Restaurant 2015
ToroBest Spanish Restaurant 2015
Uni — Best Japanese Restaurant 2015

It’s really easy—check out all the details on our Referrals page, send some of your friends our way, and you’ll have a chance at a $300 gift certificate to one of the restaurants from the list above. (And that’s in addition to the standard $150 per referral and a free month of BevSpot to your referee!)

The promo ends July 31 and the winner will be announced in early August—what are you waiting for?!

As always, thanks for spreading the word! If you have any questions, let us know at bevspot@bevspot.com.

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